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If you are suffering from excessive hair loss and thinning of hair, the best remedy is to buy Nanogen products. Nanogen hair fibers are high tech micro fibers that are used to make your hair look thick and fuller. Now no need to shy away from the public, just apply these fibers on your hair and step out with confidence. Note the difference that it makes to your appearance. You will be a more confident person than ever. They are the best for thinning hair and wide partings between the hairs. This is one of the best hair fall solutions that you have ever come across. No matter what part of the globe you are from, these fibers will blend will all shades of hair. Nanogen has different colors to suite different hair types and colors of hair. Some of the different Nanogen colors available in the market are black, grey, white, dark brown, medium brown, dark blonde, light blonde, auburn, cinnamon and so on. Black looks best only on jet black hair that the people of Asia have. Auburn color suited medium brown hair with a tint of red. Cinnamon is for light brown hair with a slight reddish shade. Grey color provides a darker grey color to the hair. Using it in small amounts gives the hair a salt and pepper look. If have pure white hair, use white Nanogen fibers. If you mix white with grey, you will get a light grey color. They are available in packs of various quantities like 9 gm, 15 gm, 25 gm, 30 gm and so on. After dusting these fibers on your hair, you may make it water proof by using fiber locking spray. This ensures that even if you are under water, these fibers do not fall apart. The color of the fibers also remain intact and in good form in all weather conditions. The time taken to apply it is also very less. Just about 30 seconds, and your hair looks great. Nanogen hair fiber is kept in special kinetic jars and once they are sprinkled onto your hair, they acquire enough static energy to stick properly on your hair and bind your hair. They are 100% natural keratin fibers and do not cause any itchiness or any other uneasiness. Nanogen fibers are the best remedy for any hair thinning problems and they are available at reasonable prices.